Hello world!

Posted: December 22, 2010 in getting personal, NYC

I’ve decided to up the ante and change my blog to wordpress, which seems a bit more sophisticated for my ripe old age of 23 going on 24. Okay, perhaps my age doesn’t bring to mind the word “sophistication,” but let’s cut out all stereotyping here. I hope to create an online atmosphere to house my gathered and bundled thoughts (and I do a lot of thinking).

What a perfect time to start this new blog! Oh, let me count the ways!

1. I am just about to leave the hustle and bustle of NYC and take a relaxing 4 day vacation in St. Louis for the holidays

2. For some reason, I’m not on the work schedule today=more time

3. It’s almost the New Year, so this can be a great tie to 2010

4. I feel it’s time to show off all my facets. In the past, I’ve had a food blog and a blog tracking my experience in Americorps.

“Hello world!” was the default title of this post. I think I’ll keep it like that.

I’ll leave you with a little snapshot I took on my iPhone one night that I think captures this time of year in NYC.



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