Lunar eclipse of a lifetime

Posted: December 23, 2010 in in the news, NYC

I saw the eclipse on the winter solstice.
Sometimes you don’t even think about the moon in NYC with all these tall buildings, but it’s always there. The sky becomes a maze; grooved with the geometric skyline, you turn a corner and there it is smiling sideways at you between two skyscrapers.

I was about to go to bed, but being the night owl that I am, didn’t see any Zzzs coming anytime soon. The peak of the eclipse was supposed to be around 2:45-3:45am, so I got up and put 3 layers of clothing on to head outside. I knew it was a once in 4 generation’s lifetimes kind-of-thing, so I braved the cold, and luckily, found a group of others who weren’t going to miss it either.

Despite my hands being frozen, it was one of the most magical experiences. How quickly the moon phases passed and beautifully red the moon became!

I miss the large expanse of the sky where the stars feel so close you could touch them.


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