Love/Hate Relationship

Posted: January 18, 2011 in getting personal

I hate it when I make tea, but it’s too hot and then I set it next to me to cool, and I forget about it, and then it becomes undrinkable.

I love going into old bookstores with books that rise high up to the ceilings and climbing the ladder to find things that at eye level you can’t see. I enjoy the smell of old books.

I hate when cars run through slush puddles, and I know it’s on purpose. I remember one snowy, but sunny day in St. Louis when I was walking home with khaki colored corduroys on, and a truck splashed me.

I love when I make dinner for myself/friends and it turns out to be the best I’ve ever tasted in that category.

I hate when I get tangled in my sheets during the night, or my arm falls asleep. Sometimes it feels like a drug (good and bad at the same time) when my limbs fall asleep. I feel it coming on, prickly sensations, and I have the choice then of trying to wake it up or letting it get limp like a lead boot. Sometimes, I just let it go to sleep. But at night is a whole different story. There is nothing like waking yourself from a dream and having to move your arm with your other arm just to turn.

I love scratching in between dog’s toes and on the bottom of their feet. I know they can’t get to those places, and I know it must feel good. I know a few places to scratch on a dog, that will make them yawn. Quite a talent I have.

I hate when people who are walking together block the entire side walk, and I am coming towards them. They see me, but they don’t move.

I love checking the clock before my alarm goes off and realizing that I have a few more hours to sleep.

I hate when people don’t hold their word, when people make plans to do something and then cancel them. It’s been happening to me since I was in elementary school. I get excited just to get disappointed. I hate it so much, that I have become the most reliable person because I don’t want to be those people who break their promises. Although I hold true to my word, there are still those that don’t, and I have come to accept this fact.

I love the feeling I get when I am playing the last several measures of a symphony during a concert. My heart rate increases in excitement. Does the audience know it’s going to end? Will they have loved it like I have?

I hate to see cut flowers without water. I feel their thirst.

I love sour things. I got these tastebuds from my mother. I’ll suck on lemons (although bad for your teeth), my drink of choice will definitely have limes in it, I enjoy sour gummies and sour patch kids. One time on the airplane, I ate a whole package of war heads, and couldn’t taste anything for the first few days of my vacation. Bummer.

I hate to see parents yelling/cussing/slapping at their children on the train. I always try to send some positive energy their way, hoping that things will be better for them in the future.

I love riding a bike when the wind is carrying my hair in back of me. I feel like I’m flying.

I hate paper cuts, slices and the sound chalk makes on a chalk board. I absolutely positively can’t stand these things. They make me cringe. I am very sensitive to high pitches like chalk squeaking. Just the though of it send a cold bolt of pain straight through me…ugh. On to something I love…

I love being with people who make me happy and who make me laugh. There is nothing better than a good long laugh (unless I have to pee).

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