Snow on the streets and greenery inside

Posted: January 21, 2011 in NYC

This winter is not mansuetude. The snow stings as it whips against my face on my trek back from Brooklyn. My hands become numb with the cold and my nose begins to run so fast, I can’t catch it. ‘Where is the F train?’ The only thing that answers me is the wind slapping me on my cheeks. Brooklyn is unfamiliar to me. I have become used to the Manhattan grid where numbers dissect names. Brooklyn has overpasses and bridges and [gasp] parking places. ‘F the F train. Give me any train as long as I can be underground away from this wind!” Finally, the beacon of hope shown in the distance–the small letter M.

Snowpocalypse, Snowmygawd. Whatever you may call it, it has certainly shown it’s face this winter. I’ve braved the icy cold to remove my mittens and take a few snapshots of the snowy streets while walking (for those who wish to see through my eyes).

For those that aren’t a fan of winter white and miss all the green, or perhaps, just craving a change of scenery there is the pop up park in an art gallery on Mulberry Street between Spring and Delancey. I just thought I’d check it out in the free time I had before teaching a piano lesson. Plus, I thought it would be nice to escape the cold while reading and eating my lunch. “Park Here” is an interesting concept: fake grass, fake trees, fake rocks, lamps that simulated sunlight. Albeit relaxing, it was all a little Twilight Zone. Kids and adults on their lunch break were plentiful. I had a hard time reading because of all the visual stimuli. Kids were see-sawing and this “famous” photographer (according to himself) who had plugged in his laptop behind my sitting space was talking at me for an hour. I guess I wouldn’t have had this problem in a real park–no place to plug in, easy to get up and find a quieter space. But it’s the middle of winter, and you’ve got to take what you can get.


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