RIBS in Color

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Music
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Washed in cerulean, the Bostonian quartet enigmatically named RIBS began their set with “Queen of Hearts” from their newest Locrian Singles. It pulsated through my brain and grew into one of the best headaches I’ve ever gotten. Despite my forgetfulness in bringing earplugs, their fourth stop during their East Coast Tour was an affirmation that RIBS truly are “Rock’s great new hope” (Boston Phoenix).
In the small confines of Brooklyn venue The Charleston, “Silencer” and RIBS’ infamous light show metamorphosized the space. Combined with fluorescent bulb flickers, it triggered an atmospheric shift taking my mind to a run-down, desolate building that just happened to hold this gem of an attraction. “Turn off all the lights,” they announced to the sound engineer from the stage. Tiny LED flashlights were taped to the necks of guitars, mics and drumsticks and with every movement they made, rays of light cut through the dark during “Please Don’t Go”. The inkiness of the room magnified the sultry, raw voice of lead singer, Keith Freund. Quick flashes of red exposed Freund’s body writhing and gyrating in a slithery dance around the microphone. The fact that Freund and guitarist, Justin Tolan, drummer, Chris Oquist, and bassist, Blake Fusilier controlled the colored lights while they played, seemed straight out of Wizard of Oz. Hauling hundreds of pounds of lighting equipment from Boston was well worth it and was a magnificent addition to their music. After the show, I let Keith flip through the photos on my iPhone that I snapped. “I forgot we had green now,” he said non-chalantly.

If you haven’t heard RIBS yet, you’re late. Proverbially speaking, “You’re better late, than never.” What are you waiting for????! Check it, and stay tuned through the mailing list for a show near you.

study in blue

study in red

study in green

study in rainbows

study in flourescents

study in red #2



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