nostalgic noshes

Posted: May 11, 2011 in getting personal

Today I was in Whole Foods in an attempt to buy the next 7 days’ rations. I don’t know if you are a cereal fan like I am, but I could eat it for pretty much any meal–including dessert. It’s so easy. Just add your choice of milk. (I’m a great slogan writer)

It was in the cereal aisle, which felt more like a great cereal wall of China, that I found myself in a predicament. Which one do I choose? (Ah yes, life’s tough decisions.) Cereal is running about $4+ dollars a box these days, so after about 10 minutes, I had narrowed it down to about 6 choices by eliminating all $7 dollar ones. 5 minutes later, I whittled it down to three options–the high fiber twig cereal, the organic maize and dried berry cereal or the healthier version of cocoa crispies (Whole Foods doesn’t carry things that are totally processed, if you didn’t know). I picked up each box in contemplation. Finally, I said “what the heck” (probably aloud) and chose Koala Crisp for the “kid pleasing taste” and for it’s hint of chocolate (which Leapin’ Lemurs could not give me). Let’s face it, I don’t want to eat twigs every morning, and I want a different kind of maize to satisfy my morning breakfasts. Sometimes, I just want to sit down with my Koala Crisp and figure out the maze on the back of the box. I want to read about how I can help Koalas as I listen to my cereal crackle. Do you ever miss looking at the backs of cereal boxes? As a kid, I always enjoyed the time with my cereal box. True story: in my younger years, occasionally, I would pick out my cereal based on the backs of the boxes/if there was a toy inside. Advertising does work! As I saw today, so does nostalgia.

  1. Pixudiom says:

    Sweetened by your descriptive pour of simple expressions

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