I hope I don’t have: This Condition (Live at The Bowery Electric)

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Music, NYC
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I didn’t go to see the opening acts, but what can you do when you get to a venue early? Besides, I follow quite a few bands that have been introduced to me through their spot as openers for the headliners. You just never know.
This Condition, a band that started in Long Island, filed onto the stage and greeted the audience with familiarity. What followed was pseudo-punk pop inspired music with a hint of jam band. Eight instruments were crowded onto the stage. While I’m all for instrumental experimentation and playing “outside of the box,” the bottom line is that the music has to be good. There were eight instruments being played, and not one of them was lending something interesting or unusual or even good to the overall sound. Imagine if you had an octet and each instrument was playing a note of a chord. It was sort of like that. There was no cohesion–at least at the live show. At one point lead vocalist, Nathan Cyphert, who donned startling white under-eye makeup started calling females in the audience, “bitches.” Since the band prefaced most songs with what it was about (something my concert-partner that night and I dislike), the song apparently had something to do with “bitches” and raising both middle fingers in the air. The band’s guitarists dressed like Mormons and they were endorsing that cursing is cool. What a juxtaposition! Despite my thoughts, when Cyphert asked the crowd to “sing along!” they peculiarly did just that. Judging from the lack of 21+ wrist bands in the crowd, those teeny-boppers have had This Condition in their life since the band’s existence in 2007.

Last note:
poppy rock, lack of individuality, but they have catchy songs for the untrained ear.

  1. Love says:

    I’m not going to go into why, you shouldn’t have written what you did, I’m just going to leave it be, and let the TC family take it’s toll on you. You bleed sarcasm, and your condescending tone make’s you nothing more than the exact type of “nose to the sky” music enthusiast that someone like Max Bemis would eat for breakfast. Kindly go fuck yourself.

    -A touring musician, and long time This Condition supporter.

    • I’m not going to go into why I have the right of freedom of speech. You should already know that. I am also not just a music enthusiast. I am a classically trained musician and have been for 18 years. My opinion has validity. Also, anyone who is in the music business or who aspires to be should know that they are going to have both good and bad reviews. So, if “TC” has that big of a problem with a negative review, perhaps they should pursue something else that is less competitive/in the spotlight. Chances are, you, the fan, have the issue. Advice to a “touring musician”–every gig or show you play is like an audition. People see you, judge you and, hopefully, review you. You move up and forward or you don’t. Chances are one person’s opinion wont change that. Open your eyes. Even The Beatles got some bad reviews. Google it. In the meantime, I guess I’ll cruelly go f*ck myself because I prefer that to kindness….obviously.

      Thanks for reading!
      -murdered by sarcasm

  2. carl says:

    My god you must be retarded. worst review ever

  3. Carolina says:

    You say that you’re a classically trained musician, so you should know that it’s the music that matters. Yet, half of your review is you judging them. This review isn’t bad because you don’t care for their music, not everyone is going to like their music. I’m sure they know that. But you took it to another level when you started judging them by what they were wearing. So the guy called girls bitches, you said it yourself, everyone has the freedom of speech, well at least everyone in the US does.
    I’m not lashing out; i promise that’s not the point of this message. I just want to understand why a musician writes a review about other musicians criticizing them on their looks and the things they say. That’s not what the music business is about; well it’s not what it should be about. i guess what I’m trying to say is maybe if you’re going to write a music review you might want to consider just focusing on the music aspect so you don’t have to deal with “adoring fans” lashing out.
    But that’s just my opinion; you can choose to pay no attention to it.

    • Your points are valid. I should talk more about the music rather than their looks. But since it was a live show review (rather than an album review), I like to bring readers my full experience–what the audience was like, how the musicians interacted on stage, the lighting, etc. My other live review posts mention all of these things. I believe that performing is part of musicianship. If a concert violinist goes on stage, we judge her dress (if it’s a female), the way she sways and invites the audience into her music. Unfortunately, being a classically trained musician has taught me that being successful in the music world isn’t just about the music. There is a lot of politics; who you know, how you dress and act are all key.
      Anyway, when the guys called the girls bitches, it was just really offensive and strange. I’m used to hip hop shows using those terms but rock? You’re right, they can say whatever they want, but, again, it was just my personal review. To my defense I had a total of 3 sentences in the whole post about their looks/the use of the word “bitches.” The looks of musicians should not be what the music business is about, but it definitely plays a huge role. Lady GaGa reaps a lot of her fame by how she dresses. Other artists such as KanYe get a bad rep for things he says
      Luckily for that specific band, I don’t have a site like Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound or Stereogum where tons of people read my reviews. They don’t matter that much. 106 separate views to that post made me felt like my opinion did matter, so that was kind of neat.

      Thanks for your comment and your subscription. Feel free to keep commenting. I like to see how people respond to these. Hopefully, some of my posts will inspire you to listen to some of these bands.

  4. B holes says:

    These dudes are some of the most hardworking and talented people I’ve ever met. Their new songs are next level, and they deserve the world. Phoenix said it best when they said ” The older we get, the less we play our instrument” and that’s exactly what TC does. Avoiding overplaying, TC keeps it classy, adding textures and subtle melodies within each instrument. They are going to be bigger than shaqs nutsack.


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