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Posted: August 30, 2011 in Music
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I can’t say that her music was my discovery, but I’m delighted that I was introduced to the music of Sol Seppy. Apparently, she has disappeared since her 2006 album The Bells of 1 2, and she doesn’t have a working webpage. Despite her evanescent presence, you really must listen to that album. Those 12 songs are some of the most beautiful that I have heard; from start to finish Sol Seppy captures you in the most gentle way. Lyrically, her songs complete my thoughts. I listen to this album in the dark with easeful focus–not because everything is pristine but because it isn’t. The dark allows me to float along with her voice and, for a period of time, forget about the cacophony of life. It’s a great 50 minute lullaby.

I kind of want a platinum blonde bob wig now.

A most trusted musical source has much more to say about her. Check out Keith Freund’s review of Sol Seppy’s The Bells of 1 2 on his site (Review after the jump). He probably offers the most information you’ll ever find about her.

I almost didn’t want to publish this post because her music feels too magical to share, but I shouldn’t be so selfish, so enjoy the gem.
Buy The Bells of 1 2

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