Panama Galactico

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Music
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Even though this record came out in 2010, it’s never too late to listen to good music. I just so happened to find this artist through some research on musicians from the Panama Canal.

Panamanian, Danilo Perez is considered one of the best contemporary pianists and jazz
composers of our age. He began his musical studies at age 3 and studied European Classical
Piano at the National Conservatory in Panama and later transferred to Berklee College of
Music to study jazz composition. Later, he became a professor at New England Conservatory
of music and currently heads the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. “He’s not afraid of anything,” Herbie Hancock once said about Perez. The newest album Perez has released is “based on the idea that whatever we do has an impact on the universe. The word ‘providence,’ for me, means standing up for the future of the next generation of our children.

His music is neat because it really is a fusion of his past and present. Listen/Buy “Providencia”

Galactic Panama

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