Before I even begin, let me just say that this is not someone hacking into my account writing why music sucks. I know you’re probably wondering (if you have any quick thought capacity while reading): ‘Why would this chick who has a music blog say that music sucks?’ Well, my readers, keep on reading on.

These aren’t my thoughts on why the music of today sucks as many reputable music zines and sites have discussed. This isn’t an in depth analysis of why “they just don’t make ‘em like Bach anymore.” I actually quite like some of the music being produced today, thank you very much. Yes. I can even feel the appeal of much talked about Tyga’s Rack City.

Music sucks because it reminds you of people, places and things. Music is also brilliant and beautiful this way. It just depends how much you can control where the music takes you, so to speak.

a) reminds you of a person, place or thing that is no longer a part of your life because
1) you used to listen to this said music with this person or at this place or
2) this is a brand new song, but the lyrics/emotions remind you how you feel about this person, place or thing

b) reminds you of a time in your life that
1) you feel strange going back to
2) because of this makes you feel the sense of time-lapse ever more strongly

c) can keep dragging you through emotions/pain that
1) could otherwise be avoided while not listening to the music
2) you use as a self-inflicting weapon

d) can feed into your current circumstances and
1) make you wonder why this is happening to more than just me (which could be positive to think about)
2) bring you down…usually due to the lyrics

There is an SNL spoof that is rather hilarious about Adele’s hit song, Someone Like You, that illustrates why music sucks. Adele’s song became a hit because of all of the above. Humans can be pretty masochistic. I think Someone Like You brought out that need to turn pain into pleasure. Why else would it, months later, be heard over and over again on the radio? Another current song that hit the masses in the same way is Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Love. People all over the world felt the same way about someone that they used to love—making it another depressing hit that makes you “addicted to a certain kind of sadness” (lyrics from the song). One of the most awkward moments is when the guy I was thinking about while this song was playing told me he had been listening to it all weekend and thinking of this other girl while listening to it. Haha. Now, it’s just funny.

Music isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. In actuality, most music sucks. It’s depressing. The song can even be about butterflies and rainbows for all I care, but it can still be depressing put into a context of someone’s mind. For example, I couldn’t listen to Etta James’ At Last, and overall happy song about finding someone you’ve always dreamed of because I listened to that song with an ex boyfriend, and at the time, I thought he was the bees knees. “My heart was wrapped up in clover” and then that all disappeared and I was crying hearing that song for a year. But it’s not the music’s fault. It’s our brain’s faults for bringing us back to that person, time or place. Music sucks because it sucks to be sad.

Note: I’ve been wanting to write a post on this topic for a while now. All beliefs as to who this is about or not about should be abandoned as this is just a general thought process that I have realized for quite some time now. I am not depressed while I write this. I am just writing for the sake of putting my thoughts out there into the world.

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