What Truly Matters: White Matter, Grey Matter and Pink Matter

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Music
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I’ve had Frank Ocean’s song, “Pink Matter” on repeat and by coincidence, in Anatomy, I have finally discovered the difference between White and Grey Matter. In laymen’s terms, the difference is actually based on the stain of the slide. Because White Matter is myelinated (contains a fatty protein) it does not pick up the specific dye in the stain and appears white while Grey Matter appears grey with the same stain because it does not have myelin.

Some things you just don’t discover in Anatomy.

So you ask what is Pink Matter? You’ll just have to listen to Frank Ocean and Andre 3000’s verses to find that out. I could listen to this song while floating in some body of water (perhaps the middle of an ocean?haha). It’s lazy sounding without being careless. And it definitely sends a message to the ears who will hear it.

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