A year later…

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Music

It’s a year later (well, to be totally accurate, over a year), but I have a good excuse for not posting anything. I moved to San Francisco a year ago because I got into the masters nursing program here, and I’ve been trying to be a really good student (to be totally accurate, I am), which leaves me little time for writing less scholarly things such as these blog-posts. But this evening, as I was roasting my chicken dinner in the oven, I was listening to music and voila! [photo from a year ago on the GG bridge]IMG_5768.jpg

Tonight’s song is something I’ve played many times before, but tonight I really listened. How often is it that we go through life hearing things, but not listening? All day long our ears are bombarded with sounds of the city, TVs, our families, our friends, our lovers, but are we listening or are we just hearing? Because if we aren’t listening, we are missing out on a lot.

In nursing classes, we learn how to listen. It’s essential for us to not just hear as a nurse. It’s not easy to be a good listener, though. One of our professors told a group of us the other day that we are “human-beings not human-doings.” We walk around hearing and doing things non-stop. Where is our thought process? Where is our “why is this happening, what is this person feeling, why is this person feeling this and what can I do to connect?” I think a lot more people today could learn how to listen and how to be.

Some people who just met me in the past year and are reading my blog for the first time probably didn’t even know I was a “blogger-girl” before the”blogger-girl” became a trendy actual paid thing mostly revolving around clothes and makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, but nursing and music is where my heart is, and I like to feel I add a bit of substance and love to those topics on here even though I don’t get paid.

Without further adieu….the song I actually listened to…Broods “Everytime”

Are you with us, darling? Cause you treat it like a game And you mess yourself up It’s such a shame, such a shame You got issues, darling Cause you waste it all away You’re full of yourself It’s all in vain, all in vain And it breaks my heart And it breaks my heart… (Oh, oh) Cause every time is the last time (Oh, oh) And I’m kicking myself just trying to be understanding (Oh, oh) Tell me how did you think that? (Oh) You’re leaving me waiting and acting like I’m so demanding (Oh, oh) Cause it’s never your fault When you’re keeping your knees clean And sorry’s below you It’s always me, always me You told me you could change your ways Youre collecting scars but you look away You promised me you could make it better You told me it won’t be the same But your eyes stay shut and my screams fall faint I only wanted to make it better Make it better Make you better

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