About Aural Fixation

updated 1/30/13
A short synopsis of the creator of this blog: I’ve been playing music since I was 6 years old–piano and then double bass starting at the age of 9. I was born in LA, grew up in St. Louis, where I was a member of the St Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, went to college in North Carolina for music performance, studied and had master classes with some of the most renowned bass teachers of today, moved to NYC for 3 years, spent one of those years teaching and mentoring kids in Harlem and doing community service, the other two bouncing in and out of cafe jobs while playing in two orchestras, teaching beginning piano and holding down a few unpaid music internships. Now I’m back in LA for good and planning on going to nursing school! “Big change” everyone says. From music to this blog to nursing lies one common theme–I’m all about interacting with the community around me. I love to share my knowledge, and I hope, if anything, with this blog, you learn something new.

This blog is going to be all over the place but in the most organized manner. Each post will be points of interest in my life; they will be comparisons and contrasts, things that make sense and don’t make sense. The blog used to be called StopWalk, but I grew tired of that and decided to focus more on my passion of music (although, I will continue to add other topics). A lot of my writing will be about music; what I hear, what I play, music you should hear, album reviews, live show reviews, critiques on the music world, musical musings, etc. If I’m fixated on an idea, I will write about it (yourauralfixation@gmail.com). Let me know if you’d like me to listen and review something by emailing me.
I’m writing for myself and for the people who do and don’t want me to know they’re reading.



  1. You can’t honestly like dogs better than cats?! (Being a controversial professor here.)

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