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When I was Willow Smith’s age (precisely 11), I used to listen to her father. I was obsessed with MIB. I had the video and the soundtrack on cassette tape. When CDs became the new rage, I was “party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn” and all else that encompassed Big Willie Style. I even followed him to the Wild Wild West on Willenium. That’s about as far as I went, although, I’m a fan of reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This isn’t a post about my history with Will Smith, though. This is about his daughter, Willow, who is now following his footsteps. I always wonder if children of famous people feel like they need to be in the spotlight, too. It would be a much easier transition into fame than a normal person would have to go through, but I wonder what they would be interested in if their family wasn’t already in the magazines.

I’m thinking I would have been into her music back when I was 11. Maybe, I’m secretly (not so secretly anymore) a little into it at the age of 24. (More writing after the video)

The video is very age appropriate while still being fun and as colorful as a Jackson Pollack. C’mon. It’s a little catchy, right? Doesn’t it make you want to whip your hair? Here is another confession: …and it’s not I’m three months pregnant and I’m keepin’ it (youtube that if you don’t get my lyrical jokes). When I was Willow’s age, I was jealous of the girls with braids at school, so I had my mom put my long hair in microbraids. I went to school and got laughed at…people don’t understand style.

I whip my hair back and forth


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I got this idea from Pitchfork. They usually ask artists what they were listening to at each 5 year intervals of their life. So, here is my 5-10-15-20:

Age 5
I was doing a lot of singing at age 5. Most of my musical preferences at this time came from my mom. We’d sing in the car a lot–duets. I think singing in the car really developed my ear at a young age. I was singing some real “oldies.” A couple songs that we frequented were “For Me and My Gal” and also “When the Red Red Robin.” These were songs that the likes of Judy Garland, Dean Martin and Al Jolson sang. Something I heard every weekend on the record player was Pavarotti singing E lucevan le stelle. I remember recognizing my name in it and wondering how someone could make music so emotional and sad. ‘How could my name be in something so sad?’ These were the thoughts of a 5 year old.

Age 10
Around this age, I was really into listening to the radio. At that time the radio station I listened to was called Alice in STL and Star in LA. I had no idea what most of the songs were called or what the artists were, (I actually found out years later that I had been listening to Sneaker Pimps’ songs…a band that I like very much now but is sadly disbanded). I’d make my very own mix tapes by pressing record really fast when I heard the song I liked on the radio. That way, I could rewind and have a nice selection of songs. Backstreet Boys were my boy band of choice–especially Nick Carter. I had a poster above my bed (along with Spice Girls), and I despised their “rivals” N’Sync, although I like JT’s solo albums a lot more now. I had the tapes and when CDs became the new thing, I bought all of them in CD form.

Age 15
The Beatles. Again, my mom got me into them with her records, but around this time I began collecting all of their CDs. I was obsessed post Beatlemania. I could play every CD in order and start singing the next track before it would switch. It was a talent. I used to belt out “Happiness is a Warm Gun” and it thrilled me to hit the falsetto pitch perfectly after “happiness is a warm, yes it is…..GUNNNNNN”

Age 20
Radiohead. Thom Yorke became my famous musician crush. I still think he’s a genius. Radiohead defined my early early 20s. I can pretty much listen to any song, and it will bring me back to that time. ‘Idioteque’ and ‘Karma Police’ were probably my first favorites. Going to the Radiohead show while I was in college was definitely something I wont forget (not to mention my music history teacher came along with me).

This is so freaking cute that I just had to share:

I hope you noticed his shirt said “All You Need is Love”. My first kiss was a lot less cute. It all went down during my preschool’s story time. I had long hair past my butt and the little boy sitting behind me apparently had been sitting on my hair. I got up from story time and my hair got tugged by the boy sitting on it. I started to cry and he gave me a kiss.

repunzel let down your hair