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Get Ready To Get Schooled:

Prerequisites: British Brains, Locrian Singles

Corequisite: Russian Blood (Hear below)

Some Further Reading: How do you get copious amounts of RIBS without getting too messy?, KISS AND TELL, Things Are Looking Brighter: The Tide is Turning,RIBS in Color

Critical Acclaim: Reached the #3 listening spot on Bandcamp, The Boston Phoenix and The Boston Globe basically love them as does WFNX and hundreds of people around the world.

OKAY, now listen to it already for an A+!

Get excited! We get a taste of Russian Blood, RIBS newest EP, which is in the works. Their song, Brighter Things, played acoustically on Boston’s The Sleepover Show can only lead us to believe that something good can come of Russian Blood. Stay tuned for a release date and in the meantime, play this video 50 times like I have.
**EDIT:6/24**I’ve been magically notified that Brighter Things will not be on Russian Blood…perhaps it’ll show up on RIBS B-sides and rarities. Nonetheless, prepare yourself for more bright things to come from RIBS.**

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