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Okay…maybe it’s not the t-shirt. It’s most likely this heat wave we’re experiencing in NYC. BUT, you should still get the limited edition RIBS Brains Out T-Shirt (even if you’re the lady in the news who is walking around topless on the streets). Hurry, they’re going fast!
If it doesn’t make you look hot, you’ll definitely be cool wearing it. Ah, I’m such a dork. Make sure you view the video full size!

**Thanks to my twin sister, Ella, for modeling the shirt. She’s such a trooper and reports that it is not only stylish but also very soft and comfy. And BTW, this video is obviously unofficial and in no way is endorsed by the band, although, I’m sure Ella would love that.

Here’s what the band has to say about their shirt:

Printed on super soft, ultra comfortable Poly-Cotton blend heather black American Apparel 50/50 shirts. Get them here.

About the design:

This shirt is a visual rendering of “Brains Out.” With the help of IBUILDWORLDS (of British Brains artwork fame), we built a program that turns music into a visual using the frequency and amplitude of a sound file. We ran the audio for the song through a wireframe skull and this design is the result.

**If you don’t understand my title, you should probably view this video: