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Run The Jewels= Killer Mike + El-P

Check it out. Hip-Hop that’s more intricately written/performed/produced than most of the top billboard charters, and well worth a listen AND a free download (link below). Big Boi shows up at the end of the track ‘Banana Clipper’–almost as an add on to the song, but still very present and unique in his Daddy Fat Sax way. 

The video for ’36” chain’ is pretty wild, as well. Google it.




I was drawn to HBO’s new hit series, Girls, when I discovered that most of the actresses in the show were also in Lena Dunham’s other work, Tiny Furniture. I was one of the first few to see that indie film at NYC’s IFC Center.
Often times, music finds me through the shows and movies I watch. After a bit of research, I find out that the song I’m admiring this time is coming from a band out of Brooklyn called The Echo Friendly. Turns out that this band is under the record label that shared an office with me while I was interning at a music PR company in TriBeCa.
As Cantora Records states: “Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper are best friends, ex-lovers, who live two blocks away from each other in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and sing together in the Echo Friendly.”

I have a question for these two. Isn’t it hard to still be best friends and ex-lovers AND live two blocks away from each other? I guess it takes time….maybe they kept making the “Same Mistakes” (the title of this song that was featured at the end of an episode of Girls) for a while and then things just worked themselves out. Watch their official music video for the song below:

In the farness of their worrying -the tedious escape of it, how it shuttled you slowly away from real life, into a sort of deep space- they had come, truly, closer to each other, in an echoed, gaping-expanse-between-them way.

-From Sincerity by Tao Lin

….by buying the new RIBS EP tomorrow, May 29th, in any convenient location–iTunes, Amazon, or if you are in New England, you can buy it at Newbury Comics.

Live at TT The Bear’s

After two successful live CD release shows at Boston’s TT The Bears and NYC’s Public Assembly, it’s finally time for the rest of us to get our paws on a copy. The world is ready.

Their newest EP, entitled Russian Blood, will give you the RIBS fix you’ve been craving since British Brains. Just make sure you’re ready to pump up the volume, rock out and put this EP on literal Extended Play.

Until then, here is their last sneak peak till tomorrow. Track 4: Alarms

Rustic, raw, rough, rock is She Keeps Bees. Brooklyn [till I die] is where you can find Jessica Larrabee on guitar and vocals and Andy LaPlant on drums when they’re not touring (currently, they are in Norway). Since 2006, they have released a bunch of albums, the newest being “Dig On.” Some of their music is self recorded including their latest, which was recorded in a log cabin in the Catskills. The song I think is the bees knees is a throwback to 2008 for them. It’s called “Gimme.” Take a listen.

something else in regards to bees in nyc: