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Future drummer

I mean I’m rappin’ over Grizzly Bear, WTF?

Every morning before my music PR internship, I pick up the newspapers–NYTimes, The Village Voice, AM New York and Metro to check out what the press has to say about our artists. It’s a scavenger hunt, and along the way, I end up brushing past other interesting artists. Last week on the cover of The Village Voice, I see a guy named Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino (a pseudonym created by a Wu Tang Clan name generator). The photo strikes me because his hand (see cover photo below) reminds me of this subway performer I saw the week prior. The subway guy had a white mask on his face and hands and was making the passengers laugh (except for the 2 guys in turbans and the UES lady with headphones on) by lip synching to everyone from Bieber to Luda, which was blasting from a boombox and doing some Michael Jackson moves (crotch grab, moon walk). Anyway, the photo on the cover of The Voice catches my attention, but I file it in my memory for later and continue with my work. A few days pass, and my roommate and I sit down to a few mixed drinks I’ve concocted to unwind after she finished her essay and I finished my last blog post. She begins to play a song. “Who is that?” “Childish Gambino!,” she said. “It’s his new EP!!” I didn’t put two and two together because of the drinks, but I knew I liked what I heard, and my next mission was to download this EP. To my luck, he was offering it free on his website. I love generous artists who share songs for free. They make me want to spread their love. I am. I’m writing this post, which at least one pair of eyes will see, which will in turn make at least one pair of ears, who aren’t familiar with Childish Gambino, listen. Did I mention he lives in NYC? Maybe it was him in disguise on the subway. Wu is he? Checkout his site iamdonald

**ADDENDUM: Just saw @DonaldGlover’s twitpic of his tour bus bed Craziness.


Cover of the Village Voice