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Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella make up one of my favorite bands–Daughter. They’re about to release more music, and this makes me happy! It’s unfortunate when artists go for long periods of time without releasing new stuff. I feel that they fall by the way-side, and most people move on to newer music (**cough cough** Justin Timberlake and Andre 3000). Although Daughter releases only an EP’s worth of music at a time, it’s often enough that there is a constant reminder that she is around and bringing it on! This time, an album will be at your fingertops.

If you haven’t heard of the London based trio, Elena Tonra will surely capture you with her enchanting vocals. Throughout all of her songs from past EPs (The Wild Youth, His Young Heart and Demos), there seems to be one character that she brings up over and over again. This person wears their heart on their sleeve. It all seems very personal.

Smother is Daughter’s newest song. Her words are intimate–something that only one’s diary would contain and the music is simple yet perfectly cradles each word. Enjoy the song below and catch her on her tour.

Tour Dates:
10/15: Red Room @ Cafe 939, Boston
10/16: Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia
10/22: The Drake, Toronto
10/24: 7th St Entry, Minneapolis
10/25: Schuba’s, Chicago
10/27: Barboza, Seattle
10/29: The Independent, San Francisco
10/30: Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles
1/24: Hackney Empire, London

    11 Albums from 2011 that will give you and your mom some common ground:

Beirut “The Rip Tide”
The Black Keys “El Camino”
Coldplay “Mylo Xylotol”
Wye Oak “Civilian”
Bon Iver “Bon Iver”
St. Vincent “Strange Mercy”
Wilco “The Whole Love”
Kate Bush “50 Words For Snow”
James Blake “James Blake”
The Decemberists “Long Live the King”
Daughter “Wild Youth”

Here’s to a happy 2012! May your aural fixations grow to new heights! -Stella

Enjoy this 1910 recording of Auld Lang Syne:

I’m not a fan of U2 (didn’t have to have that awesome red & black U2 RazR phone either), but I am interested in hearing U2 covers done by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Jack White and Patti Smith. That release will be October 31st.

I’m obsessed with Massive Attack’s track “Paradise Circus” off their album Heligoland. On October 17th, they release a limited edition 12″ collaboration with Burial. Apparently, “Paradise Circus” will be featured in a 12 minute rendition, as well as another new 12 minute song called “4 Walls.”

Speaking of Burial, here is another collaboration I’m excited about! Burial/Thom Yorke/Four Tet with the song, “Mirror.” If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how crazy I am for Thom Yorke. This is a must hear.

Another female voice that appeals to me and hailing from the UK. Go figure. If you’re a fan of Florence + The Machine listen to 21 year old Elena Tonra of Daughter. “The Wild Youth” is Daughter’s 2nd EP and will be released November 21st. Listen to “Love” and “Home.” Obsessed with “Home”:

Los Angeles band, Pepper Rabbit, juxtaposes cheerful melodies with sad and lustful lyrics in “Allison.” Welcome to any obsessor’s lonely island; a place where one’s love song pairs youthful, happy melodies and the lyrics: “You make me into a creep.” If you’re not really listening, you might think Xander Singh’s is something other than an ode to obsession.