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I wrote this exactly a year ago today (and just happened to find it in my emails), but I wrote it for someone else to read in attempt to get them out of their own personal storm. Now, I’m finding a year later that I should re-read these words and apply them to my own life. Listen to my own philosophy. I based my writing off the last line of my thought process “The sun is gone but I have light,” which are the lyrics to Nirvana’s song “Dumb.”

This is what I wrote on Nov. 15th, 2011:

Human beings can find beauty in both periods of darkness and lightness. For without periods of darkness, the light would not be as welcoming. In a world full of pure light, we would surely be blinded from the truth. You might have heard “Let’s bring light upon this ‘ which refers to truth. ‘So how can light mask the truth’, you ask?   You, yourself, might say ‘I turn on the lights to find things I’ve lost– not turn them off’. We often think of darkness as the evil, a blanket over all verity. As children, we are scared of it and as adults we are unsure. But there is nothing dubious about the dark. It is what it is. Thrown into darkness without our consent creates panic and chaos within us. After the onset,  we learn to use our other senses–touch, sound, smell, taste; amidst it, we learn secrets, we remember, we forget, we remember again, we ask ‘why?’ ‘why not?’, we sort things in our minds until they’re stacked in neat little packages tied with brown string so we wont misplace them… until our eyes adjust, but at that moment we learn that we no longer need them. We have walked through the darkness just fine without them. Not only that, but we have become ourselves again.  We have gotten past the idiom: “Your eyes are playing tricks on you” because we have learned out of darkness grows our own inner light, and we are smarter than our eyes. When it comes time for the light to mix into the dark just enough to see what is around us, we must not lose that time we felt darkness for in that time we learned that darkness will not disable us. We must recognize when there is too much light. That is what’s blinding. Just look into the sun.

The sun is gone but I have light.