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….by buying the new RIBS EP tomorrow, May 29th, in any convenient location–iTunes, Amazon, or if you are in New England, you can buy it at Newbury Comics.

Live at TT The Bear’s

After two successful live CD release shows at Boston’s TT The Bears and NYC’s Public Assembly, it’s finally time for the rest of us to get our paws on a copy. The world is ready.

Their newest EP, entitled Russian Blood, will give you the RIBS fix you’ve been craving since British Brains. Just make sure you’re ready to pump up the volume, rock out and put this EP on literal Extended Play.

Until then, here is their last sneak peak till tomorrow. Track 4: Alarms

Today is Muhsinah’s birthday, yet she is giving you a present by dropping her totally free and totally great double EP. It is titled Gone and is broken up into 2 sides, Urban and Suburban featuring 3 songs on each side that sound like distorted mirrors of each other, perhaps created to capture different moods. One≈Down to 1, Stop & Go≈Stop, Gone≈Till I’m Gone.

Muhsinah is “The Golden Girl” from D.C; she wrote, composed, produced and recorded this album. As the Spice Girls said “Girl Power!”
Her EP braids soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics with catchy, pop electronics.
Celebrate her 28th bday, and click below for a free download.