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Lucy Schwartz. One of my favorite female singers. She’s a brilliant lyricist with beautiful and often haunting melodies that seep into your pores and get released as a poignant half smile–a bit as reminiscence and the rest–a generous dash of hope. With proper, yet funny, British-esque banter between songs that make you want to be her BFF.

I know most of the lyrics from her last EP, “Keep Me,” but tonight, she kept us on the edge with a bunch of new music from her upcoming album. One of my favorite new ones is called “Ghost In My House.” Lucy is inviting you to her séance, if you will, and if some sort of paranormal activity doesn’t appear to you during this song, I’m sure you’ll be captured by the sheer ethereal beauty of it.

Lucy sings with her papa

Lucy sings with her papa

For those of you Los Angelenos who missed tonight’s free performance at the Bootleg Bar, stay tuned to Lucy‘s music schedule/ Facebook and listen to her recorded music!

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