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This song is one of my favorites. And it’s done well by both Feist (the original writer) and the later re-imagination sung by James Blake.

Feist’s has more involved lyrics and a more natural and carefree sound. I’m imagining her thinking ‘There’s a limit to your love, but everything is going to be A-okay!’ After all she loves (3x) “the trouble that you give me,” and fighting her way “upstream” even though there is a “limit to your care.” At the end we see that despite there being a “limit to your love” …”there is no limit to my love.” I can relate. Especially because of the first line “clouds part just to give us a little sun.” If there were no sun perhaps there would be a limit to her love.

James Blake’s lyrics are so simple (in contrast to the wordy, but thoughtful Feist). Typically male?  The structure, piano interspersed with heavy pedal use, rhythmic percussions, a little vocal layering and nuances of breath that stretch it into a sometimes meter-less song really makes it special, though. Blake never says there is ‘no limit to his love’ or that “only I can save me”. He’s just expressing thoughts about someone else. He knows it, he’s retelling it, and there is a mournful emotion in the way he is performing it, but he’s not outright telling you anything about himself as Feist does.  (again…typical male?) In fact Feist sings “I love I love I love” while Blake sings “Your love Your love Your love.”

PLUS I love how James Blake says “waterfall.” I’m sure you do, too. Could this be why Blake’s “Limit to Your Love” surpassed sales of Feist’s? I don’t mean just that he says “waterfall” like he does. He also has a cool video. And his version comes up first in searches.

Listen to both.

               James_Blake_-09473  JAMES BLAKE VS FEIST Feist-feist-1566158-2213-2560

    11 Albums from 2011 that will give you and your mom some common ground:

Beirut “The Rip Tide”
The Black Keys “El Camino”
Coldplay “Mylo Xylotol”
Wye Oak “Civilian”
Bon Iver “Bon Iver”
St. Vincent “Strange Mercy”
Wilco “The Whole Love”
Kate Bush “50 Words For Snow”
James Blake “James Blake”
The Decemberists “Long Live the King”
Daughter “Wild Youth”

Here’s to a happy 2012! May your aural fixations grow to new heights! -Stella

Enjoy this 1910 recording of Auld Lang Syne:


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James Blake-Limit To Your Love
A Feist cover that is very beautiful, brooding, and full of calculated expression. The long pauses make me hold on to what was just said and while it’s sinking in, I yearn for what comes next. Oh, and I love the way he says “waterfall.” 🙂 His new EP “Love What Happened Here” comes out December 11th.

Widowspeak- Harsh Realm
If you haven’t figured it out, I’m addicted to sad songs and this type of female voice (see: Hope Sandoval i.e Paradise Circus). This is one of them. Plus, I can totally relate to these lyrics. Simple, sad, sexy. The end. Check out this Brooklyn trio’s music, but first listen to the alluring, Harsh Realm: