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James Franco is an actor, screenwriter, he’s been to college[s], too and now he is [interjection:WHAT?] getting into the music scene? I shouldn’t be surprised. I feel like everyone at one point or another wishes they were musically inclined.

James Franco is releasing a dance EP with Kalup Linzy (a performance artist who lives in BK) on the newest fad– a 7″ produced by Jace Clayton a.k.a DJ/Rupture under the Dutty Artz label (also based in New York). The handful of songs on the EP will each get its own music video. See the music video for “Rising” below. I wouldn’t really categorize it as “dance.” Overall, it sounds/looks more like a lullaby created on drugs and the video seems rather home-made. I guess it’s Franco’s first crack at music, though…
Franco gets enough big-screen time, so he appears in distorted smatterings while Linzy is the “star.”

Linzy talking about the project (via Pitchfork):

James and I have collaborated for over a year. He contributed vocals during recording sessions. He and I also exchanged video and vocals… James and I have both felt that sometimes developing projects separately and then bringing the other in later helps move the projects along. He is busy with school and films and I pretty much travel the world year round. We’re not planning to tour or anything like that for the EP. The music is a part of an ongoing collaboration.