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I was drawn to HBO’s new hit series, Girls, when I discovered that most of the actresses in the show were also in Lena Dunham’s other work, Tiny Furniture. I was one of the first few to see that indie film at NYC’s IFC Center.
Often times, music finds me through the shows and movies I watch. After a bit of research, I find out that the song I’m admiring this time is coming from a band out of Brooklyn called The Echo Friendly. Turns out that this band is under the record label that shared an office with me while I was interning at a music PR company in TriBeCa.
As Cantora Records states: “Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper are best friends, ex-lovers, who live two blocks away from each other in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and sing together in the Echo Friendly.”

I have a question for these two. Isn’t it hard to still be best friends and ex-lovers AND live two blocks away from each other? I guess it takes time….maybe they kept making the “Same Mistakes” (the title of this song that was featured at the end of an episode of Girls) for a while and then things just worked themselves out. Watch their official music video for the song below:

In the farness of their worrying -the tedious escape of it, how it shuttled you slowly away from real life, into a sort of deep space- they had come, truly, closer to each other, in an echoed, gaping-expanse-between-them way.

-From Sincerity by Tao Lin