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This song is one of my favorites. And it’s done well by both Feist (the original writer) and the later re-imagination sung by James Blake.

Feist’s has more involved lyrics and a more natural and carefree sound. I’m imagining her thinking ‘There’s a limit to your love, but everything is going to be A-okay!’ After all she loves (3x) “the trouble that you give me,” and fighting her way “upstream” even though there is a “limit to your care.” At the end we see that despite there being a “limit to your love” …”there is no limit to my love.” I can relate. Especially because of the first line “clouds part just to give us a little sun.” If there were no sun perhaps there would be a limit to her love.

James Blake’s lyrics are so simple (in contrast to the wordy, but thoughtful Feist). Typically male?  The structure, piano interspersed with heavy pedal use, rhythmic percussions, a little vocal layering and nuances of breath that stretch it into a sometimes meter-less song really makes it special, though. Blake never says there is ‘no limit to his love’ or that “only I can save me”. He’s just expressing thoughts about someone else. He knows it, he’s retelling it, and there is a mournful emotion in the way he is performing it, but he’s not outright telling you anything about himself as Feist does.  (again…typical male?) In fact Feist sings “I love I love I love” while Blake sings “Your love Your love Your love.”

PLUS I love how James Blake says “waterfall.” I’m sure you do, too. Could this be why Blake’s “Limit to Your Love” surpassed sales of Feist’s? I don’t mean just that he says “waterfall” like he does. He also has a cool video. And his version comes up first in searches.

Listen to both.

               James_Blake_-09473  JAMES BLAKE VS FEIST Feist-feist-1566158-2213-2560


Posted: November 21, 2011 in Music
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James Blake-Limit To Your Love
A Feist cover that is very beautiful, brooding, and full of calculated expression. The long pauses make me hold on to what was just said and while it’s sinking in, I yearn for what comes next. Oh, and I love the way he says “waterfall.” 🙂 His new EP “Love What Happened Here” comes out December 11th.

Widowspeak- Harsh Realm
If you haven’t figured it out, I’m addicted to sad songs and this type of female voice (see: Hope Sandoval i.e Paradise Circus). This is one of them. Plus, I can totally relate to these lyrics. Simple, sad, sexy. The end. Check out this Brooklyn trio’s music, but first listen to the alluring, Harsh Realm: