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Lucy Schwartz. One of my favorite female singers. She’s a brilliant lyricist with beautiful and often haunting melodies that seep into your pores and get released as a poignant half smile–a bit as reminiscence and the rest–a generous dash of hope. With proper, yet funny, British-esque banter between songs that make you want to be her BFF.

I know most of the lyrics from her last EP, “Keep Me,” but tonight, she kept us on the edge with a bunch of new music from her upcoming album. One of my favorite new ones is called “Ghost In My House.” Lucy is inviting you to her séance, if you will, and if some sort of paranormal activity doesn’t appear to you during this song, I’m sure you’ll be captured by the sheer ethereal beauty of it.

Lucy sings with her papa

Lucy sings with her papa

For those of you Los Angelenos who missed tonight’s free performance at the Bootleg Bar, stay tuned to Lucy‘s music schedule/ Facebook and listen to her recorded music!

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I am really liking this trend towards vocal percussion. I was lucky enough to see the Kimbra show at The Bardot Club at Monday night’s “KCRW School Night.” One of my favorite songs “Settle Down,” that she performed had a lot of vocal complexities–so much that while she sang, she seemed to be conducting and notating her vocals with her hands on an invisible staff in front of her. Her use of vocal percussion reminded me of last summer’s hit by tUnE-yArDs called “Gangsta.” Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm.

This technique is especially impressive live. ‘Wow, I didn’t know a voice could do that!’

Below are Kimbra and tUnE-yArDs videos exemplifying this percussive vocal style:

in addendum: Support Luna and her next album by donating and receiving some of her music as a gift for your generosity! Go here to donate

Luna Achiary and her newly assembled four piece band, as she jokingly and temporarily called “The Vikings,” put on a hell of a show last night at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles. Luna’s spunky performance and banter energized the room during every minute of her 40 minute set. Sometimes she had so much power bursting out of her small frame, that I was afraid her vocal chords were going to pop.



Luna’s voice is unique in that it combines the smoky filter of a pack of cigarettes and a hookah while still having a depth that seems to resonate from somewhere deep within. The ensemble seemed solid throughout; minus a minor incident during the song “Father,” involving Luna’s borrowed guitar. Everyone seemed to be having a really great time on stage. Between Luna and the drummer, there was enough hair flipping madness for a Pantene commercial.

I heard through the grapevine that new music will be recorded this summer. Looking forward to that as this was only the first live performance with full band. This barefoot moon goddess’ musical ambitions are sure to light up the sky in the future.

For more information about Luna’s music visit

If you like: Blues, Soul, The Black Keys, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Last night at The Foundry on Melrose, I discovered the music of Johnny Moezzi. For the few hours that I sat there I was fixated. (According to Johnny, it is very un-LA of me to stay through all the sets. I laughed and said ‘Why leave when I’m enjoying it?’).
Johnny and his band of the evening, Dale Jennings on electric bass and Jim Goodall on drums, aurally illustrated a story in front of my eyes with each song. Johnny is lyrically and musically talented. From his very pleasing, soulful voice that resonated with these blues stories to the technically sound guitar interjections to the diverse writing style of each song, Johnny Moezzi and his band are sure to capture the ears of all their listeners. Whether they were playing a slower ballad or an uptempo song, the music was easy to groove to, and you could tell by looking at the audience dancing about freely.

Check out his self titled EP on bandcamp and stay tuned for his upcoming record. I think it maybe be called “Don’t You Worry”…unless he was telling the audience “Don’t you worry, we’ll have our new record out soon.”
One of my favorites that they played last night was called “Fat Mama.” There were a lot of great ones that I think will be featured on the new album. Anyway, keep your ears open for that, buy the EP in the meantime, and sign up for his mailing list on his website. If you’re in LA, check out a live show–the next one is on St. Patty’s day downtown. Didn’t catch which venue, but if you’re reading this and you know, be sure to let me know, so that I can post it.

Check out some snippets I recorded from The Foundry