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Cooper and Ian AGAIN! If you have been following my blog (and if you haven’t you should), you’ll know that Cooper and Ian shot one music video partially in my bedroom and that these two cousins won SXSW’s best music video.  I think they’re changing the world of music videos. A beautiful metamorphosis, at that. All of their videos make you want to know what is going to happen at the end. They are unpredictable while still cradling the music well. This newest video is by Mr. Little Jeans who is, in fact, a female from Norway.

Dance to it, drive to it, get mad to it, make love to it, cry to it, but whatever you do, watch it.





“Light Side of the Moon” is the third track on Luna Achiary’s, or as I like to call her Miss Moon’s, newest album, More Human Than God. It’s certainly a play on words of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and later on we get another track title that mimics the English band’s– “Breathe.” But it’s not just the similarities in the words. Luna’s entire album lends itself to being the centerpiece at a vibey party where some hip chick wearing a full length skirt and a second-hand plaid button-up resides. There may or may not be drugs at this party. The girl has just removed a Pink Floyd LP (you choose)…next up, Luna Achiary’s More Human Than God. 

You’ve got to listen to this album from head to toe…no bathroom breaks. Ok, go ahead and go if you drank too much. This album flows; it transitions nicely, yet you never know what you’re going to get in the next 15 seconds. It’s an ocean. There are lulls and gentle waves and roaring tidal waves. The thing has you on the edge really. That’s what I love about Luna’s music. At the tender age of 24, she’s not afraid, and you can tell that through her music. She is experimental. She is the female Pink Floyd. I just looked up a female version of the name Floyd, and it doesn’t exist. Anyway. Pink Luna Achiary. Also, what the heck is she singing about?? She’s got a real nice boyfriend (who, by the way recorded and mixed this album, Johannes Raassina), but she’s talking about all this cray stuff in her lyrics that I’m pretty sure isn’t about him. 

Luna also has a pretty unique music video for her song, “Friends”. The video really captures the message she is singing. If you don’t listen to the lyrics you might not understand it. And thank goodness she’s not following trend and attracting attention with #twerking….but instead this

If you live in LA, make sure you come see her performing More Human than God live at The Joint. Judging from the last live performance of hers, this one is sure to be explosive. If you’re not in LA, support her creativity and get her album (link at the top).





Last night it was pouring rain in Los Angeles, which is a unique experience…kind of like watching this video. I can just see some weird scene that is similar to this happening somewhere in LA.

Ian & Cooper…they did it again!

Couldn’t get this song out of my head BECAUSE of this video when I first saw it. Enjoi.

What do you get when you cross a dramatically different folky blues vocal, with double bass, electric guitar, flute and drums? You get New York City based group Woodbine Falls. When I was living in NYC, the lead singer, Laura Kivlen, was my boss at the Italian gelato shop and the bass player was a very short-lived fling, so let’s just say I ended up at a few of their live shows playing around the city. I was impressed by the musicianship and virtuosity of the ensemble. These are all trained musicians and you can tell when you hear them; whether it be on their latest self titled EP or you’re at their next live show at Rockwood Music Hall on Groundhogs day 2013 at 4pm. Check out their very first music video “Chase the Blue” posted below. It is a trippy and beautifully bizarre lyric illustration.

Being an adult can be funny. Especially when children portray what it’s like to be an adult. I had to watch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ music video for the song “That’s What’s Up” a couple times because the first time, I was so immersed in the story line of the video and how cute it was. Reminds me of the Black Key’s video “Tighten Up.”

Anyway, view it after the jump and prepare to smile even just a little bit….view here
baby with mustache

[[If you clicked on this and you’re at work, you might want to wait till you get home.]]

I was sitting in class today and thought of an amazing t-shirt for science dorks. (Looks like I’m becoming not only a music geek, but also a science nerd. Great combo on OKCupid I hear).

envision the shape of a t-shirt around these words:


And then maybe some sort of picture of gametes of the haploid persuasion. (insert uproarious laughter)
Ok…this will all make sense once you’ve watched the video below.
But first!

Things you need to know before you watch this:
1) This music video was directed and edited by my friends, Cooper Roberts and Ian Schwartz. Very proud of all their work, so spread this video and their names!
2) This music video’s “bedroom scene” was shot in my very own bedroom (it was a hot summer day at the time with no AC). Those are my pillows. Some of the props are my father’s.
3) This music video is unlike others–it’s a story, it signifies something, it’s peculiar but captured in a very beautiful way. The video’s imagery pulls at the sinews of the music. It’s not fast paced but rather like pulling taffy on a hot day, which is very much in the style of Mike Noyce’s celestial vocals and instrumentation.
4) This music video is anatomically stimulating. I’m studying anatomy right now, so if I go a little crazy with anatomy puns, bear with me.

Boom Bip “All Hands” Feat. Bon Iver’s Mike Noyce

James Franco is an actor, screenwriter, he’s been to college[s], too and now he is [interjection:WHAT?] getting into the music scene? I shouldn’t be surprised. I feel like everyone at one point or another wishes they were musically inclined.

James Franco is releasing a dance EP with Kalup Linzy (a performance artist who lives in BK) on the newest fad– a 7″ produced by Jace Clayton a.k.a DJ/Rupture under the Dutty Artz label (also based in New York). The handful of songs on the EP will each get its own music video. See the music video for “Rising” below. I wouldn’t really categorize it as “dance.” Overall, it sounds/looks more like a lullaby created on drugs and the video seems rather home-made. I guess it’s Franco’s first crack at music, though…
Franco gets enough big-screen time, so he appears in distorted smatterings while Linzy is the “star.”

Linzy talking about the project (via Pitchfork):

James and I have collaborated for over a year. He contributed vocals during recording sessions. He and I also exchanged video and vocals… James and I have both felt that sometimes developing projects separately and then bringing the other in later helps move the projects along. He is busy with school and films and I pretty much travel the world year round. We’re not planning to tour or anything like that for the EP. The music is a part of an ongoing collaboration.