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Run The Jewels= Killer Mike + El-P

Check it out. Hip-Hop that’s more intricately written/performed/produced than most of the top billboard charters, and well worth a listen AND a free download (link below). Big Boi shows up at the end of the track ‘Banana Clipper’–almost as an add on to the song, but still very present and unique in his Daddy Fat Sax way.¬†

The video for ’36” chain’ is pretty wild, as well. Google it.




What do you get when you cross a dramatically different folky blues vocal, with double bass, electric guitar, flute and drums? You get New York City based group Woodbine Falls. When I was living in NYC, the lead singer, Laura Kivlen, was my boss at the Italian gelato shop and the bass player was a very short-lived fling, so let’s just say I ended up at a few of their live shows playing around the city. I was impressed by the musicianship and virtuosity of the ensemble. These are all trained musicians and you can tell when you hear them; whether it be on their latest self titled EP or you’re at their next live show at Rockwood Music Hall on Groundhogs day 2013 at 4pm. Check out their very first music video “Chase the Blue” posted below. It is a trippy and beautifully bizarre lyric illustration.

Live from NYC

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Music’s tie to memories is something that intrigues me. I was dating this guy once upon a time and the music we enjoyed together was never the same alone. I’m totally over this guy, but the song “Darlin'” by The Beatles still reminds me of him and the woods in North Carolina. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman undoubtedly brings me back to a childhood memory of being in the passenger’s seat of my mom’s car while “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” by Destiny’s Child reminds me of my sweet 16th birthday, in which my friends and I performed a dance in my living room..¬†

There’s no stopping music being tied to memories. I’ve gone a year without listening to whole albums because they were attached to memories I was trying to forget. The memories are still there and so is the music. Actually, there have been studies with Alzheimer’s patients or people with brain damage and memory loss who become transported in time through music. In an otherwise confusing world, through music these people become lucid within that memory. (The movie ‘The Music Never Stopped’ is a nice portrayal of this phenomenon. Warning: It’s a tear-jerker.)

I thought my last post while living in NYC discussing my own music and NYC memories would be fitting.

Empire State of Mind- Jay Z

Boy, was I lucky! I just moved to NYC and the biggest song on the radio was all about it. “Concrete jungle where dreams are made. There’s nothing you can’t do.” This song captured my exact mentality at the time. I was living in Harlem tutoring and mentoring¬†underprivileged youth. It was their song. It was my song. I heard it pretty much every day–in the bodega, from a car blasting it through rolled down windows on 125th. It was inspiring and hopeful. Listening to it now takes me back to that sweaty summer in Harlem, to those kids I became close to, and to the idea that it’s all going to be okay.

Sir Luscious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty- Big Boi

My second summer in NYC, I had this album on repeat. I was proud to have discovered this release myself and to have shown it to a couple important/close people to me who ended up loving it. It’s really a great album. It’s rare that I find several songs on one album that I enjoy. It reminds me of being confident. I finally felt at ease in NYC–like I was a New Yorker. I was giving people directions, meeting new people, starting new jobs, and I felt on top of the world. On the contrary, this album reminds me of 2 people whom I don’t really speak to anymore. In that respect, the album has become tainted.¬†



Yeah, I know…a little late on this, but I only just started listening to Nirvana in NYC. I developed a minor crush on Kurt Cobain while in this city. Luckily, for me, that crush wont lead to anything dramatic like my obsession with Johnny Depp and the resulting Johnny Depp scrap book crafted by yours truly. RIP. Anyway, Kurt and Nirvana never fail to get me through my aggravated episodes where I’d like to jump on my bed like an angsty teen if my bed wasn’t abut to break just by sitting on it. (i.e bad day at work, upset with how my life is going, guy problems, friend problems, etc.)Image



John Lennon imagined “all people living life in peace” and was shot in the back 4 times at the entrance to the Dakota (where he was living) 31 years ago today. I wasn’t even alive then, but his death still effects me. I got the unique experience of honoring him by singing with hundreds of other fans at Strawberry Fields–the memorial in Central Park that is nearest to the Dakota. I spent a couple hours huddled there with strangers in the low 40 degree weather.

"Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun. "

We didn’t know each other, but we came there with a common cause, we cried, we laughed, we knew the lyrics (for the most part), and we sang (in tune and out of tune). It was really beautiful–one of those moments in time where you come outside of your body and look in from the outside. You see yourself mixed into the whole story, you see that strangers share the same feelings as you, that you are one, that everything is splendid and that you can love one another amidst all this corruption and all these terrible things that are going on in the world.
If I could go back in time, I would travel to the Roaring 20s and the 60s. Sometimes, I think I’d fit in a lot better.

Here are a bunch of sound clips and photos from the John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields today.

I was looking for videos that other people took and found this one. When she zooms in you can sort of see my hair bun (I’m wearing a brown coat in front of a guy with a hat): taken from

As I am typing, a hurricane named Irene is traveling up the Eastern Coast…soon to hit NYC. New Yorkers have turned into zombies; grocery stores have been flooded (excuse the pun) with people who have one thing on their mind–‘buy’. Buy everything in sight. I stood in line for an hour this morning and watched frantic people shovel food into their carts–eggs, bread, milk. What are they going to do make an egg sandwich and drink a glass of milk? Make french toast? What if the power goes out? Then what will happen to their precious eggs and milk? New Yorkers were going overboard to say the least. A couple behind me eyed a sheet cake. “17$ That’s a great price!” they exclaimed with glee. They laid it gently on top of their muffins, party tray of salami and 3 kinds of cheese, cans on tuna, milk, grapes and 24 pack of water. Others tossed balls of fresh mozzarella in their cart, yogurt, bags of chocolate. I, myself, fell victim to a package of Oreos and a bottle of Perrier. I wanted bread, but they ran out.

You have to be on your toes with this hurricane. To paraphrase Bloomberg, if you haven’t evacuated now, it’s too late. I am going to a hurricane party tonight at the bar around the corner.
You never know what is going to happen. I thought about filling my bathtub up with water like someone told me to do. I also thought about buying a flashlight, but I’ve resorted to candles and matches if need be.

If the power does go out, the only thing you can really do while awake is listen to music. Therefore, I am making a “Hurri up Irene Playlist,” which should be enjoyed in the dark of an electricity free apartment/home. By the way, the playlist isn’t long because your computer’s battery life will probably run out.

If your power is still on, turn off your lights. I mean it!
1. “Enter One” –Sol Seppy hear it here
2. “Trois Gymnopedie” –Erik Satie hear it here
3. “So Real” –Jeff Buckley hear it here
4. “Hurricane Drunk” –Florence + The Machine hear it here
5. “Howlin’ For You”– Black Keys hear it here
6. “Blue Lips” –Regina Spektor hear it here
7. “As Sure As The Sun” –BRMC hear it here
8. “Silencer” –RIBS hear it here
9. “Videotape” –Radiohead hear it here
10. “Moldau” –Smetana hear it here
11. “Goodnight Irene” — 20th century American folk songhear it here

“Thought and beauty, like a hurricane or waves, should not know conventional, delimited forms.” –Chekhov

Tour Kick-Off in NYC

8:00 – Herzog Rising
9:00 – The Tenth Generation
10:00 – Madam Trashy
11:00 – Grandfather


8:00 – Ovlov
9:00 – Grass is Green
10:00 – Grandfather

7.29 – Boston, MA – All Asia
7.30 – TBA (HELP)
7.31 – Hamden, CT – The Space
8.01 – Providence, RI – AS220
8.02 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
8.03 – Baltimore, MD – The Windup Space
8.04 – Richmond, VA – Sprout
8.05 – Durham, NC – The Layabout
8.06 – Athens, GA – The Caledonia Lounge (Need Local Bands)
8.07 – TBA (HELP)
8.08 – Nashville, TN – The Log Cabin
8.09 – Louisville, KY – 627 Brandeis
8.10 – TBA (HELP)
8.11 – Lawrence, KS – TBA
8.12 – Kansas City, MO – Czar Bar
8.13 – Clive, IA – Bombay Bicycle Club
8.14 – TBA (HELP)
8.15 – Omaha, NE – The Slowdown
8.16 – Elgin, IL – Gasthaus Zur Linde
8.17 – Chicago, IL – The Subterranean
8.18 – Columbus, OH – Carabar
8.19 – Columbus OH – The Airplane Room
8.20 РAkron, OH РAnnabelle’s
8.21 – Youngstown, OH – The Lemon Grove
8.22 – TBA (HELP)
8.23 – Cleveland, OH – Duck Island
8.24 – Buffalo, NY – Club Diablo
8.25 – Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club
8.26 – Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
8.27 – Cortland, NY – The 77 Club
8.28 – Ithaca, NY – TBA
8.29 – Seneca Falls, NY – Day Off
8.30 – Winooski, VT – The Monkey House (Need Local Bands)
8.31 – Portland, ME – Rough Draft Records House
9.01 – Boston, MA – TBA
9.02 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Art Gallery