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“Light Side of the Moon” is the third track on Luna Achiary’s, or as I like to call her Miss Moon’s, newest album, More Human Than God. It’s certainly a play on words of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and later on we get another track title that mimics the English band’s– “Breathe.” But it’s not just the similarities in the words. Luna’s entire album lends itself to being the centerpiece at a vibey party where some hip chick wearing a full length skirt and a second-hand plaid button-up resides. There may or may not be drugs at this party. The girl has just removed a Pink Floyd LP (you choose)…next up, Luna Achiary’s More Human Than God. 

You’ve got to listen to this album from head to toe…no bathroom breaks. Ok, go ahead and go if you drank too much. This album flows; it transitions nicely, yet you never know what you’re going to get in the next 15 seconds. It’s an ocean. There are lulls and gentle waves and roaring tidal waves. The thing has you on the edge really. That’s what I love about Luna’s music. At the tender age of 24, she’s not afraid, and you can tell that through her music. She is experimental. She is the female Pink Floyd. I just looked up a female version of the name Floyd, and it doesn’t exist. Anyway. Pink Luna Achiary. Also, what the heck is she singing about?? She’s got a real nice boyfriend (who, by the way recorded and mixed this album, Johannes Raassina), but she’s talking about all this cray stuff in her lyrics that I’m pretty sure isn’t about him. 

Luna also has a pretty unique music video for her song, “Friends”. The video really captures the message she is singing. If you don’t listen to the lyrics you might not understand it. And thank goodness she’s not following trend and attracting attention with #twerking….but instead this

If you live in LA, make sure you come see her performing More Human than God live at The Joint. Judging from the last live performance of hers, this one is sure to be explosive. If you’re not in LA, support her creativity and get her album (link at the top).





in addendum: Support Luna and her next album by donating and receiving some of her music as a gift for your generosity! Go here to donate

Luna Achiary and her newly assembled four piece band, as she jokingly and temporarily called “The Vikings,” put on a hell of a show last night at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles. Luna’s spunky performance and banter energized the room during every minute of her 40 minute set. Sometimes she had so much power bursting out of her small frame, that I was afraid her vocal chords were going to pop.



Luna’s voice is unique in that it combines the smoky filter of a pack of cigarettes and a hookah while still having a depth that seems to resonate from somewhere deep within. The ensemble seemed solid throughout; minus a minor incident during the song “Father,” involving Luna’s borrowed guitar. Everyone seemed to be having a really great time on stage. Between Luna and the drummer, there was enough hair flipping madness for a Pantene commercial.

I heard through the grapevine that new music will be recorded this summer. Looking forward to that as this was only the first live performance with full band. This barefoot moon goddess’ musical ambitions are sure to light up the sky in the future.

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