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A week later and I’m still shocked at how quiet it is being home. Hearing music for 3 straight days at San Francisco’s, Outside Lands Music Festival, blew me away. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happily exhausted at the end of the day. Here are some moments that stood out in my very first music festival experience:

Beck, live, sounds pretty much like Beck on CD. Rockin’ out to many classics and fun singing along with everyone in the crowd to songs like “Loser,” “Where it’s At” and “Devil’s Haircut.”

Die Antwoord…just as crazy as their music videos. Silly and fun to watch. Lots of jumping around while my friend who came with me and I chanted over and over again “I think you freaky and I like you a lot.” Their stuff just gets in your head and doesn’t leave.

Would have liked to hear more Andrew Bird, but it was hard jumping around from stage to stage. Maybe a more intimate setting for Andrew Bird would be better.

Neil Young. Very cool that I got to see him, since he’s still kickin’ it in the music world after 40+ years. Disappointed that I didn’t get to hear my 2 favorite songs live–Heart of Gold and Old Man. He played a lot of new stuff. One thing was called something like “Walk Like Giants.” It was reealllly long and the final 5+ minutes of it, all of the musicians would play a loud, reverberating note every 4-8 seconds. People in the crowd were saying “What the f*** is going on here?” because it just didn’t seem to end, but then I realized that they were creating the effect of giant’s footsteps, and it became more interesting. Not sure how many people recognized that in the audience. I’m guessing not that many because a lot of people were upset with what he chose to play.

Alabama Shakes were great. The lead singer lady can really belt it out. The field was PACKED and everyone was groovin’.

Big Boi was a lot of fun. I ended up right in the front middle of the huge crowd by myself. I lost my friend. Despite that, I enjoyed dancing to classic Outkast songs and songs from the last Big Boi album with random people around me and throwin’ down the A-town down hand sign with thousands of others. I guess if I could rep any southern state it would be Atlanta. I love the hip hop that comes out of there. Big Boi is coming out with another album in the winter. I heard some new song that I really loved called Gossip…something? Not sure. Anyway, Andre 3000 where are you? I’ve kept my heart 3 stax!

Sigur Ros was dreamy. Definitely a show to watch while on some sort of drugs…not that I was on these said drugs.

Regina Spektor was all that I had hoped. I would love to see her in a smaller space. I knew all the lyrics and she is really talented. Actually since I left Outside Lands 2 people have told me I look like Regina Spektor. Must be that eastern european #swag. ha

Stevie Wonder was amazing. So much fun. He was just running from one great classic to the next. One magical moment was when all of the audience and himself were singing “Imagine.” Imagine thousands of people all singing this! Intense. I loved how he invited the audience to participate, gave us harmonies to sing and cracked jokes about himself. The people on stage with him really added to the show. During the last 15 minutes of Stevie Wonder (After he sang “Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing”) my friend and I literally sprinted a mile from the front of the stage at Stevie Wonder to the far end of where all the music stages were to catch Skrillex. It was so trippy running in the dark and weaving between thousands of people facing us (and the stage). It reminded me of dodging NYC tourists in the summer….except Golden Gate park was pretty frigid during those few days.

Skrillex looked like an alien party. Tons of colored strobe lights pointed their rays over the audience. Everyone was dancing and we were both glad that we had run all the way to catch the last 15 minutes of it. 


To see photos I took of everything from Outside Lands visit my Instagram–screen name is Stellula

outside lands

Outside Lands. Sitting in the polo field.

We’ve all heard about Coachella, but have you heard about Outside Lands Festival? Perhaps a less strict more eclectic version of a music festival, OLF is a 3 day music festival located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Not only does it feature musicians of the past and present but it boasts a wide array of local restaurants bringing their favorite noshes,wine and beer tastings and art–all within the gates.

Here is my personal Outside Lands music lineup:

Friday- Beck, Die Antwoord, Andrew Bird, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Justice

Saturday-Zola Jesus, Alabama Shakes, Big Boi, Passion Pit, Sigur Ros

Sunday-Franz Ferdinand, Regina Spektor, Jack White, Stevie Wonder, Skrillex


More on my first big music festival experience afterwards!


You’ve probably never seen her name (unless you stick around for the credits), but you may have already heard her voice. Lucy Schwartz has graced the soundtracks of Shrek Forever After and Twilight’s Breaking Dawn: Part 1 as well as songs for Gray’s Anatomy. With a warm voice that is filled with light and angelic qualities, Lucy Schwartz embodies her hometown of Los Angeles, California. It seems that this 22 year old singer/songwriter will keep her big dreams afloat amidst her supportive,musical family– 2 albums down and 1 EP with another that was released on the magical 11/1/11. And I hear there is a full length album in the works.
There are two words to describe Keep Me, and they are “beautifully poignant.” Check out the track streams of Lucy’s EP Keep Me and download it on iTunes or at the Lucy Store.

My top 2 favorites off the EP:


You Are You Are

Lucy Schwartz

**I just listened to this EP on repeat during a serene hour and a half walk in Riverside Park. Pretty sure some people heard me singing “Domino,” but I don’t care. 🙂
Similar artists that I have heard: Feist, Regina Spektor, Catherine Feeny, Erin McCarley, Daughters

I try to write about musicians who aren’t so mainstream, but this post covers those that I’m sure you’ve heard.

I’ve noticed that the past few years have been a favorable time for female musicians in popular culture. Being one, I say “more power to them.” Their underlying themes are very similar but universal–usually about love. This isn’t surprising. Love or the loss of love have been felt by everyone. Songs about love can become popular because the listener identifies with these words of a person they’ve never met. ‘Hey, I’ve felt like that before.’ ‘I’ve been in that situation before.’ The listener then wants to learn the lyrics and sing-along because, secretly, they’re expressing it to someone. A connection like that is pretty powerful.

that's permanent marker on my hand. thank god because that treble clef is backwards and really a cursive 'S'. Unfortunately, if you google musical heart tattoo a lot of people have this backwards treble clef engrained into their skin. FOREVER.

Here are a few songs by female artists singing about love (some of which I’ve had sing-alongs). I’ve included some lyrics for each song which you will find run the love gamut.

Adele “Someone Like You”
Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain’t like you to hold back or hide from the light.

Sara Bareilles “Gonna Get Over You”
Maybe is a vicious little word that can slay me
Keep me when I’m hurting and make me,
Hang from your hands

Regina Spektor “Rejazz”
Thought I’d see your face in my mind for all time
But I don’t even remember what your ears looked like

Beyonce “Countdown”
Oh, killing softly and I’m still falling
Still the one I need, I will always be with you

Florence + The Machine “Cosmic Love”
A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it’s left me blind

Ingrid Michaelson “Die Alone”
I’m just a stranger, even to myself.
A re-arranger of the proverbial bookshelf.
Don’t be a fool girl, tell him you love him.

Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows”
I bust the windows out your car
And no, it didn’t mend my broken heart
I’ll probably always have these ugly scars
But right now, I don’t care about that part

La Roux “In For the Kill”
Let’s go to war
To make peace
Let’s be cold
To create heat
I hope in darkness
We can see
And you’re not blinded by the light from me

Lauryn Hill “I Used to Love Him”
I chose the road of passion and pain
Sacrificed too much and waited in vain
Gave up my power, ceased being queen
Addicted to love like the drug of,drug of a fiend

Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers”
Be the ocean where I unravel
Be my only, be the water where I’m wading
You’re my river running high, run deep run wild

Nicki Minaj “Save Me”
I drove for miles
Just to find
You and find myself
All these screams
All these voices
In my head
You gave me strength
Gave me hope
For a lifetime
I never was satisfied

As I am typing, a hurricane named Irene is traveling up the Eastern Coast…soon to hit NYC. New Yorkers have turned into zombies; grocery stores have been flooded (excuse the pun) with people who have one thing on their mind–‘buy’. Buy everything in sight. I stood in line for an hour this morning and watched frantic people shovel food into their carts–eggs, bread, milk. What are they going to do make an egg sandwich and drink a glass of milk? Make french toast? What if the power goes out? Then what will happen to their precious eggs and milk? New Yorkers were going overboard to say the least. A couple behind me eyed a sheet cake. “17$ That’s a great price!” they exclaimed with glee. They laid it gently on top of their muffins, party tray of salami and 3 kinds of cheese, cans on tuna, milk, grapes and 24 pack of water. Others tossed balls of fresh mozzarella in their cart, yogurt, bags of chocolate. I, myself, fell victim to a package of Oreos and a bottle of Perrier. I wanted bread, but they ran out.

You have to be on your toes with this hurricane. To paraphrase Bloomberg, if you haven’t evacuated now, it’s too late. I am going to a hurricane party tonight at the bar around the corner.
You never know what is going to happen. I thought about filling my bathtub up with water like someone told me to do. I also thought about buying a flashlight, but I’ve resorted to candles and matches if need be.

If the power does go out, the only thing you can really do while awake is listen to music. Therefore, I am making a “Hurri up Irene Playlist,” which should be enjoyed in the dark of an electricity free apartment/home. By the way, the playlist isn’t long because your computer’s battery life will probably run out.

If your power is still on, turn off your lights. I mean it!
1. “Enter One” –Sol Seppy hear it here
2. “Trois Gymnopedie” –Erik Satie hear it here
3. “So Real” –Jeff Buckley hear it here
4. “Hurricane Drunk” –Florence + The Machine hear it here
5. “Howlin’ For You”– Black Keys hear it here
6. “Blue Lips” –Regina Spektor hear it here
7. “As Sure As The Sun” –BRMC hear it here
8. “Silencer” –RIBS hear it here
9. “Videotape” –Radiohead hear it here
10. “Moldau” –Smetana hear it here
11. “Goodnight Irene” — 20th century American folk songhear it here

“Thought and beauty, like a hurricane or waves, should not know conventional, delimited forms.” –Chekhov