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Get Ready To Get Schooled:

Prerequisites: British Brains, Locrian Singles

Corequisite: Russian Blood (Hear below)

Some Further Reading: How do you get copious amounts of RIBS without getting too messy?, KISS AND TELL, Things Are Looking Brighter: The Tide is Turning,RIBS in Color

Critical Acclaim: Reached the #3 listening spot on Bandcamp, The Boston Phoenix and The Boston Globe basically love them as does WFNX and hundreds of people around the world.

OKAY, now listen to it already for an A+!

….by buying the new RIBS EP tomorrow, May 29th, in any convenient location–iTunes, Amazon, or if you are in New England, you can buy it at Newbury Comics.

Live at TT The Bear’s

After two successful live CD release shows at Boston’s TT The Bears and NYC’s Public Assembly, it’s finally time for the rest of us to get our paws on a copy. The world is ready.

Their newest EP, entitled Russian Blood, will give you the RIBS fix you’ve been craving since British Brains. Just make sure you’re ready to pump up the volume, rock out and put this EP on literal Extended Play.

Until then, here is their last sneak peak till tomorrow. Track 4: Alarms

“Kiss” is the title of RIBS’ newest single off their EP, Russian Blood, which is due May 22nd. TELL is what you need to do. Listen to the song and tell all your friends about it. These guys deserve national air time. I truly believe they are the next great band that needs to be discovered outside of their hometown of Boston.

So go ahead. Kiss and tell. I give you full freedom to do it. Just as long as you start now.
Oh, and CONGRATS to RIBS. They have a big write-up in the Boston Globe

For a free download of their mp3 or the lyrics follow the links on youtube.

As I am typing, a hurricane named Irene is traveling up the Eastern Coast…soon to hit NYC. New Yorkers have turned into zombies; grocery stores have been flooded (excuse the pun) with people who have one thing on their mind–‘buy’. Buy everything in sight. I stood in line for an hour this morning and watched frantic people shovel food into their carts–eggs, bread, milk. What are they going to do make an egg sandwich and drink a glass of milk? Make french toast? What if the power goes out? Then what will happen to their precious eggs and milk? New Yorkers were going overboard to say the least. A couple behind me eyed a sheet cake. “17$ That’s a great price!” they exclaimed with glee. They laid it gently on top of their muffins, party tray of salami and 3 kinds of cheese, cans on tuna, milk, grapes and 24 pack of water. Others tossed balls of fresh mozzarella in their cart, yogurt, bags of chocolate. I, myself, fell victim to a package of Oreos and a bottle of Perrier. I wanted bread, but they ran out.

You have to be on your toes with this hurricane. To paraphrase Bloomberg, if you haven’t evacuated now, it’s too late. I am going to a hurricane party tonight at the bar around the corner.
You never know what is going to happen. I thought about filling my bathtub up with water like someone told me to do. I also thought about buying a flashlight, but I’ve resorted to candles and matches if need be.

If the power does go out, the only thing you can really do while awake is listen to music. Therefore, I am making a “Hurri up Irene Playlist,” which should be enjoyed in the dark of an electricity free apartment/home. By the way, the playlist isn’t long because your computer’s battery life will probably run out.

If your power is still on, turn off your lights. I mean it!
1. “Enter One” –Sol Seppy hear it here
2. “Trois Gymnopedie” –Erik Satie hear it here
3. “So Real” –Jeff Buckley hear it here
4. “Hurricane Drunk” –Florence + The Machine hear it here
5. “Howlin’ For You”– Black Keys hear it here
6. “Blue Lips” –Regina Spektor hear it here
7. “As Sure As The Sun” –BRMC hear it here
8. “Silencer” –RIBS hear it here
9. “Videotape” –Radiohead hear it here
10. “Moldau” –Smetana hear it here
11. “Goodnight Irene” — 20th century American folk songhear it here

“Thought and beauty, like a hurricane or waves, should not know conventional, delimited forms.” –Chekhov

Get excited! We get a taste of Russian Blood, RIBS newest EP, which is in the works. Their song, Brighter Things, played acoustically on Boston’s The Sleepover Show can only lead us to believe that something good can come of Russian Blood. Stay tuned for a release date and in the meantime, play this video 50 times like I have.
**EDIT:6/24**I’ve been magically notified that Brighter Things will not be on Russian Blood…perhaps it’ll show up on RIBS B-sides and rarities. Nonetheless, prepare yourself for more bright things to come from RIBS.**

Read my live review of the RIBS show in BK/hear more songs here

Okay…maybe it’s not the t-shirt. It’s most likely this heat wave we’re experiencing in NYC. BUT, you should still get the limited edition RIBS Brains Out T-Shirt (even if you’re the lady in the news who is walking around topless on the streets). Hurry, they’re going fast!
If it doesn’t make you look hot, you’ll definitely be cool wearing it. Ah, I’m such a dork. Make sure you view the video full size!

**Thanks to my twin sister, Ella, for modeling the shirt. She’s such a trooper and reports that it is not only stylish but also very soft and comfy. And BTW, this video is obviously unofficial and in no way is endorsed by the band, although, I’m sure Ella would love that.

Here’s what the band has to say about their shirt:

Printed on super soft, ultra comfortable Poly-Cotton blend heather black American Apparel 50/50 shirts. Get them here.

About the design:

This shirt is a visual rendering of “Brains Out.” With the help of IBUILDWORLDS (of British Brains artwork fame), we built a program that turns music into a visual using the frequency and amplitude of a sound file. We ran the audio for the song through a wireframe skull and this design is the result.

**If you don’t understand my title, you should probably view this video:

RIBS in Color

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Music
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Washed in cerulean, the Bostonian quartet enigmatically named RIBS began their set with “Queen of Hearts” from their newest Locrian Singles. It pulsated through my brain and grew into one of the best headaches I’ve ever gotten. Despite my forgetfulness in bringing earplugs, their fourth stop during their East Coast Tour was an affirmation that RIBS truly are “Rock’s great new hope” (Boston Phoenix).
In the small confines of Brooklyn venue The Charleston, “Silencer” and RIBS’ infamous light show metamorphosized the space. Combined with fluorescent bulb flickers, it triggered an atmospheric shift taking my mind to a run-down, desolate building that just happened to hold this gem of an attraction. “Turn off all the lights,” they announced to the sound engineer from the stage. Tiny LED flashlights were taped to the necks of guitars, mics and drumsticks and with every movement they made, rays of light cut through the dark during “Please Don’t Go”. The inkiness of the room magnified the sultry, raw voice of lead singer, Keith Freund. Quick flashes of red exposed Freund’s body writhing and gyrating in a slithery dance around the microphone. The fact that Freund and guitarist, Justin Tolan, drummer, Chris Oquist, and bassist, Blake Fusilier controlled the colored lights while they played, seemed straight out of Wizard of Oz. Hauling hundreds of pounds of lighting equipment from Boston was well worth it and was a magnificent addition to their music. After the show, I let Keith flip through the photos on my iPhone that I snapped. “I forgot we had green now,” he said non-chalantly.

If you haven’t heard RIBS yet, you’re late. Proverbially speaking, “You’re better late, than never.” What are you waiting for????! Check it, and stay tuned through the mailing list for a show near you.

study in blue

study in red

study in green

study in rainbows

study in flourescents

study in red #2



Ready to get my RIBS tickled

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Music

Trekking to hipster land a.k.a Brooklyn tonight to hear my friends’ band, RIBS.

I’m obsessed with their album British Brains and their newly released Locrian Singles, and I am excited to see them and absorb their sounds into my brain.

Are friends allowed to review their friends’ shows? I’m going to make the rules and reply with a triumphant “Yes”.
Review of show to follow.