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Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella make up one of my favorite bands–Daughter. They’re about to release more music, and this makes me happy! It’s unfortunate when artists go for long periods of time without releasing new stuff. I feel that they fall by the way-side, and most people move on to newer music (**cough cough** Justin Timberlake and Andre 3000). Although Daughter releases only an EP’s worth of music at a time, it’s often enough that there is a constant reminder that she is around and bringing it on! This time, an album will be at your fingertops.

If you haven’t heard of the London based trio, Elena Tonra will surely capture you with her enchanting vocals. Throughout all of her songs from past EPs (The Wild Youth, His Young Heart and Demos), there seems to be one character that she brings up over and over again. This person wears their heart on their sleeve. It all seems very personal.

Smother is Daughter’s newest song. Her words are intimate–something that only one’s diary would contain and the music is simple yet perfectly cradles each word. Enjoy the song below and catch her on her tour.

Tour Dates:
10/15: Red Room @ Cafe 939, Boston
10/16: Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia
10/22: The Drake, Toronto
10/24: 7th St Entry, Minneapolis
10/25: Schuba’s, Chicago
10/27: Barboza, Seattle
10/29: The Independent, San Francisco
10/30: Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles
1/24: Hackney Empire, London

You’ve probably never seen her name (unless you stick around for the credits), but you may have already heard her voice. Lucy Schwartz has graced the soundtracks of Shrek Forever After and Twilight’s Breaking Dawn: Part 1 as well as songs for Gray’s Anatomy. With a warm voice that is filled with light and angelic qualities, Lucy Schwartz embodies her hometown of Los Angeles, California. It seems that this 22 year old singer/songwriter will keep her big dreams afloat amidst her supportive,musical family– 2 albums down and 1 EP with another that was released on the magical 11/1/11. And I hear there is a full length album in the works.
There are two words to describe Keep Me, and they are “beautifully poignant.” Check out the track streams of Lucy’s EP Keep Me and download it on iTunes or at the Lucy Store.

My top 2 favorites off the EP:


You Are You Are

Lucy Schwartz

**I just listened to this EP on repeat during a serene hour and a half walk in Riverside Park. Pretty sure some people heard me singing “Domino,” but I don’t care. 🙂
Similar artists that I have heard: Feist, Regina Spektor, Catherine Feeny, Erin McCarley, Daughters