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I didn’t go to see the opening acts, but what can you do when you get to a venue early? Besides, I follow quite a few bands that have been introduced to me through their spot as openers for the headliners. You just never know.
This Condition, a band that started in Long Island, filed onto the stage and greeted the audience with familiarity. What followed was pseudo-punk pop inspired music with a hint of jam band. Eight instruments were crowded onto the stage. While I’m all for instrumental experimentation and playing “outside of the box,” the bottom line is that the music has to be good. There were eight instruments being played, and not one of them was lending something interesting or unusual or even good to the overall sound. Imagine if you had an octet and each instrument was playing a note of a chord. It was sort of like that. There was no cohesion–at least at the live show. At one point lead vocalist, Nathan Cyphert, who donned startling white under-eye makeup started calling females in the audience, “bitches.” Since the band prefaced most songs with what it was about (something my concert-partner that night and I dislike), the song apparently had something to do with “bitches” and raising both middle fingers in the air. The band’s guitarists dressed like Mormons and they were endorsing that cursing is cool. What a juxtaposition! Despite my thoughts, when Cyphert asked the crowd to “sing along!” they peculiarly did just that. Judging from the lack of 21+ wrist bands in the crowd, those teeny-boppers have had This Condition in their life since the band’s existence in 2007.

Last note:
poppy rock, lack of individuality, but they have catchy songs for the untrained ear.