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I don’t know what it is with music from the UK, but they put out some good stuff! I was just introduced to Band of Skulls at a free KCRW event at Annenberg Space For Photography in conjunction with the really great exhibit “Who Shot Rock and Roll.”

Band of Skulls is BRMC meets The White Stripes meets The Black Keys a.k.a something I really like. I’ve been playing their latest album that came out last winter titled Sweet Sour, and I dig almost every song on the album, which is a rare occurrence. OH YEAH. Girl bass player, too! 🙂

They were really good live, which adds to them being one of my favorite new bands. They’ve been around since 2004, but their debut album didn’t release till 2009, so they are relatively new. Anyway, definitely take a listen to their new album and catch them live if at all possible.