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Watch The Throne

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Music
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I haven’t seen this joke made so far, but I’m going to say it because Kanye is just so cocky, and I can do whatever I want.
The Kanye/Jay-Z collaborative album dropped earlier this week titled Watch The Throne. Their album cover is gilded in gold and created by Givenchy’s, Riccardo Tisci.

Some people call the toilet the throne, as in “I’m going to go sit on the throne.” So, their album art could have looked like this:

By the way, that is a solid gold toilet and as soon as Kanye sees it, he’ll probably order one.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole Watch The Throne album, these are my picks of watch [typo] you should hear:

Gotta Have It (“turn ya headphones up. louder.” I wish instead of the “Hello, hello, hello, white America” it was “LOLOLO, white America” that makes more sense to me.)
No Church in the Wild (underlying rock melody, monkies/lions, circus melody near end)
Otis (can’t go wrong with Otis Redding, plus Otis is an awesome name you don’t hear. “Sounds so soulful. Don’t you agree”?)
Welcome to the Jungle (shoulder shimmy time/listen to the beginning of this song and then “All About the Benjamins” by P.Diddy,Biggie and Lil Kim)
That’s My Bitch (featuring Elly Jackson of La Roux who would never title her song like this)
Murder to Excellence (kids chorus adds to sad murder vibe)
Primetime (“turn the music up” and prepare yourself for #s)
Why I Love You (featuring this guy, Mr. Hudson pale comparison)
Niggas in Paris (how can you not groove to this song?)