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Do you ever travel from one destination to another and after you arrive, you’ve realized you can’t remember actually seeing anything in between?

If so, let’s hope you weren’t driving.

Grizzly Bear has a new album–Shields. I’ve loved Grizzly Bear from the beginning. Take a listen to a few songs that are NOT their singles. Probably will be a couple of the more obscure/less reviewed songs, but I’m feelin’ it tonight.

This is your musical journey–there’s no looking back.

The Hunt
What’s Wrong
and last but not at all least
Sun in Your Eyes

Can’t find actual youtube links, so take a listen on NPR’s website….I know this is one more step then you’d like to take, but it’s worth it! Listen to the whole album while you’re at it.

By the way…happy Rosh Hashanah …even if you aren’t Jewish, people love new years…new beginnings and such.