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When I was Willow Smith’s age (precisely 11), I used to listen to her father. I was obsessed with MIB. I had the video and the soundtrack on cassette tape. When CDs became the new rage, I was “party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn” and all else that encompassed Big Willie Style. I even followed him to the Wild Wild West on Willenium. That’s about as far as I went, although, I’m a fan of reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This isn’t a post about my history with Will Smith, though. This is about his daughter, Willow, who is now following his footsteps. I always wonder if children of famous people feel like they need to be in the spotlight, too. It would be a much easier transition into fame than a normal person would have to go through, but I wonder what they would be interested in if their family wasn’t already in the magazines.

I’m thinking I would have been into her music back when I was 11. Maybe, I’m secretly (not so secretly anymore) a little into it at the age of 24. (More writing after the video)

The video is very age appropriate while still being fun and as colorful as a Jackson Pollack. C’mon. It’s a little catchy, right? Doesn’t it make you want to whip your hair? Here is another confession: …and it’s not I’m three months pregnant and I’m keepin’ it (youtube that if you don’t get my lyrical jokes). When I was Willow’s age, I was jealous of the girls with braids at school, so I had my mom put my long hair in microbraids. I went to school and got laughed at…people don’t understand style.

I whip my hair back and forth