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I hear songs randomly, and if I like them, I have to know what they are, or I go CRAZY. One time this happened, I couldn’t figure out the name of a song for a year. A whole year. The moment I heard that mysterious song, I knew I loved it, but I wasn’t in the right position to ask anyone around me. It was my Junior year of college, and I decided to go to NYC for spring break. I ended up at a random party in someone’s apartment and this song comes on… from that time forward, I was trying to sing it to everyone I knew to see if they could help me out with the name. Then, I was watching a movie about a year later, and it was in the soundtrack. I was ECSTATIC. I watched the entire line of credits just to figure out the name. That song was called Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn and John and will forever remind me of that random party in NYC when I was 20.
My current Aural Fixation has been a song that, thanks to apps like Sound Hound and Shazam, I didn’t have to wait a year to figure out. Vanessa Da Mata is a Brazilian singer and on this track, Boa Sorte (Good Luck in Portuguese) she sings with Ben Harper. I didn’t realize how much Portuguese sounded like a mix of Spanish and Italian. After I heard it when I went to Portugal, I thought it was mainly just twisted Spanish. Anyway, it’s really a beautiful song, and I’m addicted to it. I’ve listened to it probably about 35 times in the past few days.
Watch the video below and then download it for easier listening!