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Run The Jewels= Killer Mike + El-P

Check it out. Hip-Hop that’s more intricately written/performed/produced than most of the top billboard charters, and well worth a listen AND a free download (link below). Big Boi shows up at the end of the track ‘Banana Clipper’–almost as an add on to the song, but still very present and unique in his Daddy Fat Sax way. 

The video for ’36” chain’ is pretty wild, as well. Google it.




….so I have this secret…shhh….and if it got out, people might think I was crazy.

I wasn’t that excited for the new Arrested Development season to come out on Netflix. [insert gasp here] I guess I was a late bloomer as far as tv shows go and never got into it. But whatever, the hype was all over social media, and I went along with the excitement as people told me eagerly about the Arrested Development banana party they were going to or how they planned on watching all of the shows that evening while sipping on juice.

My excitement was for a little something different. I’ve written about Lucy Schwartz before on this blog (feel free to search her name on here). She is one of my more popular Aural Fixations. Her albums remain on my 16gb iPhone while others get rotated off or deleted to make more room for my other app necessities. I don’t tire of her music. To me, everyone else’s excitement of Arrested Development paralleled mine for new songs by Lucy and this is what I did instead of going to a tv show party–I listened on repeat to the two new songs that were featured on Arrested Development (her pop wrote the music for the tv show and was of course a big part of her song). ‘Boomerang,’ one of my favorite songs she has done, was featured in the finale. Listen below and try to not listen to it more than once (or attempt to tap dance for that matter). Just try. And make sure to check out her new album that comes out on August 6th, Timekeeper.

There’s a free download link to the song below the youtube video

Today is Muhsinah’s birthday, yet she is giving you a present by dropping her totally free and totally great double EP. It is titled Gone and is broken up into 2 sides, Urban and Suburban featuring 3 songs on each side that sound like distorted mirrors of each other, perhaps created to capture different moods. One≈Down to 1, Stop & Go≈Stop, Gone≈Till I’m Gone.

Muhsinah is “The Golden Girl” from D.C; she wrote, composed, produced and recorded this album. As the Spice Girls said “Girl Power!”
Her EP braids soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics with catchy, pop electronics.
Celebrate her 28th bday, and click below for a free download.

We all love free music. Well here you go. Exploding In Sound has served us music from a variety of artists on a platter. The compilation acts as a cohesive unit, so go ahead and sit back, fire up the BBQ or drive and press play. Ah yes, and I was responsible for getting the “ok” for Les Savy Fav to be on the mix.

[]Since the first compilation was released in early 2009, Exploding In Sound has delivered over two hundred bands both beloved and previously unknown. The audience has grown with each additional offering and things are only getting bigger and better. With that in mind we present you with our latest, the triumphant tenth edition to the series, the undisputed champ of promotional compilations… HOLY MOLY!! A collection of epic proportion, Exploding In Sound is beyond thrilled to celebrate this milestone with a line-up that we really couldn’t be more excited about. Let HOLY MOLY be the soundtrack to your summer, as you enjoy tracks from the phenomenal Les Savy Fav, Rival Schools, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Appleseed Cast, Funeral Party, Le Butcherettes, Gypsyblood, Obits, The Builders and The Butchers, O’Death, Mr. Dream, Efrim Manuel Menuck (GYBE/Silver Mt. Zion) and much more. Here at EIS, we often wonder how are we going to top the previous compilation… well, HOLY MOLY I think we’ve done it again.

HOLY MOLY instructions for use:

1. Download the compilation.
2. Crank up the speakers.
3. Enjoy in disbelief, while knowing it’s really happening.
4. Tell all your friends (and enemies if they have good taste in music).
5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 as needed (EIS recommendation: often).

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE COMPILATION FOR FREE via or Exploding In Sound’s official BandCamp Page. As always the compilation is for 100% promotional use only so get your FREE digital download now!! The download comes with terrific artwork from our friends at High Five Industries, links for further enjoyment of all the bands, and more. Thanks to everyone who has helped put this collection together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the help, interest, and cooperation of these people none of this would be possible, because after all this is about their music and artistic vision. I’d also like to thank the loyal Exploding In Sound fans for your continued support and belief in our cause! The compilation series has been a lot of fun and continues to reach new ears around the world, we can only hope you will continue to embrace our ever expanding catalog. EIS can only grow with your help and support, so spread the word. Rock music is very much alive and well, let’s make sure that everyone is aware.

Sharing of the download link is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged to anyone and everyone you think might be interested. As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is to gain the maximum audience achievable, and word of mouth is always appreciated. PLEASE DOWNLOAD, SHARE, POST, and spread the word to everyone you know. ENJOY!


1. Mr. Dream – Unfinished Business
2. Les Savy Fav – Let’s Get Out of Here
3. Le Butcherettes – Henry Don’t Got Love
4. White Denim – Anvil Everything
5 Zlam Dunk – Midnight Runners
6. Obits – You Gotta Lose
7. O’Death – Alamar
8. The Builders and The Butchers – Rotten to the Core
9. Gypsyblood – Take Your Picture
10. Funeral Party – Car Wars
11. Wives – Sick Fetish
12. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp
13. Rival Schools – Wring It Out
14. Bridge Farmers – Ummo
15. Shipping News – The Delicate
16. Mazes – No Way
17. The Appleseed Cast – Middle States
18. Quilty – Cult of Ego
19. Efrim Manuel Menuck – Our Lady of Parc Extension and Her Munificent Sorrows